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When the sun sets

We turn on the light - bringing value to our customers.


Hortivita is built on the legacy of more than 40 years in the horticultural light industry.

Independent  highly innovative and agile organisation we aim to bring the best of our knowledge and technology to our customers and friends growing greens worldwide.



We think new about light , so you can harvest at the best 

Our newly developed and innovative line of lights are energy efficiency with optimal colour spectrum and light spread through custom lenses for optimal light and heat distribution. Our fixtures, when positioned along the roof girders will not cast sun shadow and remove the need of demounting the light fixtures during summer.

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Why Hortivita

New approach, new methods, new technology and production

For customers with specific needs, our R&D department will do its outmost to provide custom solutions, meeting your requirements.

Get in Touch


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3158 Sandefjord


+47 911 777 87

+47 911 777 89

Hortivita Sp z.o.o

92-320 Łódż
ul. Niciarniana 45

+48 516 038 145

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We work together with the best providers of LED chips within the Lighting industri. This gives us the privelige to always have accsess to the latest technology and products.


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